Simtable supporting IAFC’s WUI Reno Conference Sessions for Area Commanders

resp_wui17_100x100Simtable used in Education Sessions – Lessons from Type I ICs and Method to our Madness – during WUI Reno 2017. Simtable supports Joe Stutler and his team in running a sandtable exercise exploring complex relationships of multiple incident commanders interacting with an area commander’s team.


201: Leadership Sandtable/SimTable – Lessons from Type I ICs Double Session
In this once in a lifetime session, attendees will have the unique opportunity to watch and interact with type I ICs as the ICs go through a virtual staff ride as a sand table exercise. Understand through their learning processes and be able to interact along the way as they help the attendees understand the thought process of these experts in wildfire response.
Joe Stutler, Senior Advisor, Deschutes County (OR); Area Commanders and Type I ICs

103: Method to Our Madness – Assessing home and property risk in the wildland urban interface, it isn’t just about assigning a risk number to a property. It’s about building relationships, connecting to and learning from homeowners, gathering relevant data and then utilizing that data for multiple purposes. The presenters will show home assessment development history and techniques, data collected and why, and demonstrate the multiple uses for that data using a SimTable.
Porfirio Chavarria, WUI Specialist, City of Santa Fe (NM) Fire Department; Krys Nystrom, Founder, Wildfire Network 

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