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Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Simtable offers 3D Interactive Simulations for the Wildland Fire,
Emergency Management, and Educational Markets.

What We Do

Simtable is a world leader in agent-based modeling, data visualization, and human-computer interaction.

Simtable provides digital sand tables and custom simulation models to the wildland fire, emergency management, and educational communities.

Wildland Fire &
Emergency Management

Sand table training is the mainstay for traditional wildland fire training. Simtable uses interactive agent-based fire modeling, bringing sand table exercises to life in your own high risk areas allowing mitigation and fuels planning in a truly interactive experience.

Customized models of your communities and populations provide a truly interactive experience in all-hazards simulations.

Community Outreach &
STEM Education

Simtable outreach events help communities visualize the impact of wildfire and other emergency incidents allowing stakeholders to collaborate in the planning needed to design effective emergency management plans for their homes and communities.

Simtable is committed to supporting the next generation of students, promoting the understanding of wildfire behavior, watersheds and erosion, post-fire forest restoration, wildlife corridors, smart cities and social migration models.

Homeland &
Urban Security

Simtable is transforming traditional sand table exercises used in Urban Security into interactive digital maps and simulations projected onto 3D physical surfaces, including sand tables and 3D models of urban cityscapes.

Blue force tracking combined with realtime satellite imagery and force simulations can be combined to give the most dynamic picture to a trainee or mission commander.

Industry-Leading Expertise in First Responder Training and Sand Table Exercises

Simtable’s simulation platforms enable professional first responders to easily operate in the planning, training and outreach needed to deliver emergency plans for their communities. After Action Reviews and Lessons Learned simulations are dynamically created utilizing your existing data. Simtable provides simulations of hazards pertinent to your specific region, county or state.

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Watch community members in Victoria, Australia use Simtable
to bring their community together educating homeowners in reducing the risks of bushfires.

Our Trusted Partners Include:

We are honored to serve as a trusted partner to esteemed fire and emergency services departments, state and federal agencies, and non-profit organizations nationwide and around the world.

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