News from KXAN “New tech to help Austin Fire Department prepare for future wildfires”

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Despite the recent rain, most of west Austin is just a notch below being listed as a very high risk of wildfires. “In a summer like this summer, the wildfire risk is still high,” said Keri Hines of Texas A&M Forest Service. Hines’ agency has several Simtables, a high tech tool that allows […]

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Simtable Wildfire Simulation from Texas A&M Forest Service

Simtable Wildfire Simulation video from Texas A&M Forest Service Simtable’s unique training uses interactive agent-based fire modeling, bringing sand table exercises to life in your own high risk areas allowing mitigation and fuels planning in a truly interactive experience.

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Spanish Translation of Simtable’s Keynote Speech in Toledo, Spain

Simtable’s keynote talk in Toledo, Spain at the “New Technologies in Management of Wildfire” November 16 and 17, 2016 with Technosylva. What a great learning experience on the Spanish perspective of wildland fire. Thank you to the Pau Costa foundation for the translation.

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Santa Fe Fire Department demonstrates the Simtable

Wildland Urban Specialist, Porfirio Chavarria, with the Santa Fe Fire Department demonstrates the Simtable for a community outreach session on City Hall Live in June 2016.

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Simtable story on CW6 San Diego News

Simtable story on CW6 San Diego news at SDSU’s VizCenter with Dr. Eric Frost. “Program at San Diego State University is helping keep firefighters safe, an amazing new technology being used to track the SandFire“

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Simtable is Featured in LANL’s “Science in 60” Segment

LANL – At the Interagency Fire Center at Los Alamos National Laboratory, experts rely on the state-of-the-art Simtable to help them predict the unpredictable. With algorithms that include camera-based object-tracking and projection developed by the Laboratory, the emergency operations team can simulate a wildland fire spreading across any terrain. The table system, developed and marketed […]

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KBTX covers Simtable installation by Texas A&M Forest Service

Station KBTX out of College Station, TX covers new Simtable installation by Texas A&M Forest Service. “New tool helps fight and prevent fires” story by Clay Falls.

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Simtable All Hazards

Create your own scenarios with customized agent-based models for wildfire, flood, evacuation, storms, airborne particulates, as well as biological and ecological behaviors, each based on your community’s data.

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San Diego State University’s Visualization Center partnering with Simtable

The Visualization Center at San Diego State University (SDSU) is currently working with Simtable developing innovations in simulating emergency management.

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Simtable Simulations

Simtable provides digital sandtables to the wildfire, emergency management, defense and urban security communities. Based in Santa Fe, NM Simtable is a world leader in agent-based modeling, data visualization and human computer interaction.

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