News from KXAN “New tech to help Austin Fire Department prepare for future wildfires”

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Despite the recent rain, most of west Austin is just a notch below being listed as a very high risk of wildfires. “In a summer like this summer, the wildfire risk is still high,” said Keri Hines of Texas A&M Forest Service. Hines’ agency has several Simtables, a high tech tool that allows […]

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Simtable deployed on Type 1 Modoc July Complex Wildfire

Simtable was deployed on Type 1 Modoc July Complex Wildfire over the summer, amazing to see 2000 firefighters working on 17 simultaneous fires within the complex. We spent several days on site, using Simtable in Operations was a valuable learning experience as we interacted with the several dedicated Incident Management Organizations assigned to the fires.

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Simtable Wildfire Simulation from Texas A&M Forest Service

Simtable Wildfire Simulation video from Texas A&M Forest Service Simtable’s unique training uses interactive agent-based fire modeling, bringing sand table exercises to life in your own high risk areas allowing mitigation and fuels planning in a truly interactive experience.

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Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network conducts wildfire simulation workshop using Simtable

Island Park, ID Sustainable Fire Community Network recently used Simtable wildfire simulations for a community outreach workshop, part of the summer series – Are You Prepared for Wildfire. Read more in the article “Best Way to Get a Resident’s Attention: Burn Down Their Home (Through a Wildfire Simulation, Of Course)“ by author, Liz Davy.

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Simtable supporting IAFC’s WUI Reno Conference Sessions for Area Commanders

Simtable used in Education Sessions – Lessons from Type I ICs and Method to our Madness – during WUI Reno 2017. Simtable supports Joe Stutler and his team in running a sandtable exercise exploring complex relationships of multiple incident commanders interacting with an area commander’s team.   201: Leadership Sandtable/SimTable – Lessons from Type I ICs Double Session In this […]

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Spanish Translation of Simtable’s Keynote Speech in Toledo, Spain

Simtable’s keynote talk in Toledo, Spain at the “New Technologies in Management of Wildfire” November 16 and 17, 2016 with Technosylva. What a great learning experience on the Spanish perspective of wildland fire. Thank you to the Pau Costa foundation for the translation.

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Simtable keynoting for CodeFreeze

Simtable will be giving a keynote speech for CodeFreeze 2017: Software Visualization on Thursday, January 12, 2017, 8:30am to 6:00pm in Minneapolis, MN. The 12th annual CodeFreeze symposium is presented by the University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering.  

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New Technologies in Management of Wildfire in Toledo, Spain

We’re honored to be invited to give a keynote talk in Toledo, Spain at the “New Technologies in Management of Wildfire” November 16 and 17 with friends Pau Costa Foundation and Technosylva (Joaquin Ramirez). Looking forward to learning more on the Spanish perspective on wildland fire.

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Santa Fe Fire Department demonstrates the Simtable

Wildland Urban Specialist, Porfirio Chavarria, with the Santa Fe Fire Department demonstrates the Simtable for a community outreach session on City Hall Live in June 2016.

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A NASA picture of Las Conchas

THE BLOG Bracing For Fire

In the Lab Notes blog, Rodman Linn’s article “How Computer Modeling Might Help Us Better Understand—and Better Manage—Wildfires” mentions Simtable’s use at Los Alamos National Laboratory – published on the Huffington Post. A photo from space of the Las Conchas fire in the Jemez mountains near Los Alamos, N.M. The fire burned 43,000 acres on the first […]

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