SimTable All Hazards

Create your own scenarios with customized agent-based models for wildfire, flood, evacuation, storms, airborne particulates, as well as biological and ecological behaviors, each based on your community’s data.

Emergency Management

SimTable is your source for leading innovations in emergency management simulations.


Simtable provides digital sandtables to the wildfire, emergency management, defense and urban security communities.

Based in Santa Fe, NM Simtable is a world leader in agent-based modeling, data visualization and human computer interaction.



Wildland Fire

Training, Incident Command & Community Outreach

Custom Agent-Based Modeling

Simtable develops agent-based simulation models benefiting emergency management teams in pre-incident planning and preparation.

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What People Are Saying

SimTable is unique in that it combines digital, computerized operation with a sand table. The SimTable is also very collaborative. The decisions of all participants can be integrated, and each can have an effect on the others. SimTable is ideal for training on strategies and tactics, but it’s also great for practicing the IMS.

– Erik Litzenberg, assistant chief of operations for the Santa Fe (N.M.) Fire Department

The Simtable is the future of wildland training and public outreach.

– Steve Mullis, Lieutenant/Wildland Coordinator

I’ve never seen a group so engaged at a FireWise presentation.

– Dave Sperling, Deputy Fire Chief, Santa Fe County.