Simtable In Action

Northern New Mexico College

Simtable has developed several custom simulation scenarios for the Environmental Science Department of Northern New Mexico College (NNMC). Following is a synopsis of the simulations:

Acequia Water Flow and Distribution Simulation

Starting with a given snowpack, or water equivalent, and within a given watershed, the amount of water discharge from that watershed will be determined. Simulating the water distribution downstream, with volume and flow rates within the actual stream channel and tying in real-time data from nearby snotel stations, an excellent predictive and management tool is provided. Water availability will be estimated for each user and distribution scenario. Based on water amounts available in the upper watershed, downstream flow will be established as well as the extent of the flow among the acequias.

Treatment Response Simulation

Fire can be simulated through various forested landscapes following a specified treatment of thinning – when a fire is simulated in a particular landscape prior to a thinning treatment, followed by a post-treatment simulation, a very valuable visual assessment of possible burn severity responses will be provided.

Wildfire – Succession – Climate Change Simulation

Fire simulations are developed with two additional forecast factors: snowpack and vegetation succession based on elevation, slope, aspect, and environmental conditions allowing the manipulation of such variables as length of snowpack season, weather conditions over the winter period, and rates of water infiltration. Viewing successional responses would be based on topographic conditions – slope, aspect, elevation, plant community type, precipitation characteristics – snowpack or water equivalent, summer precipitation, and burn severity.